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And the question of who is the right colleague arises particularly when you share a position with them.

The startup Tandemploy has specialized in job sharing and networking among colleagues in companies. At the Bitkom Office Opening, we spoke to founder Anna Kaiser about how working in tandem works, what she understands by New Work and what the future of work looks like.

Raisin is a successful Berlin FinTech that made headlines this year with the fact that it has raised over 100 million euros from investors – including PayPal and Goldman Sachs. We wanted to know from founder and CEO Tamaz Georgadze how to build a startup so successfully, what to look out for when pitching in front of investors and how the financial market will continue to change due to digitization.

UAM – that stands for Urban Air Mobility and describes the expansion of urban mobility into the airspace with air taxis, drones or autonomous helicopters. It is still a long way off that we will be able to avoid the traffic jam in an air taxi, but the development of urban air mobility is advancing rapidly. At Bitkom’s Digital Aviation Conference, Nicolas Brieger explained to us what still needs to happen for UAM to establish itself on the market. As a consultant at P3 Aviation, he is responsible for aerospace innovation & digitization. In his presentation, he explains which success factors have to be considered, which business models result from the use of air taxis, drones and the like and which role big data plays in this.

Long before big data and machine intelligence were on everyone’s lips, Torsten Hartmann had made a business out of it. He has been involved in intelligent data analysis for over 10 years. With his company Avantgarde Labs, he sets up data projects for medium-sized companies and advises on the subject of artificial intelligence. In the talk with Ctrl-Alt-Del, he explains in a very practical way what is meant by artificial intelligence, how he approaches AI projects with customers and which industries are already AI pioneers.

Richard Gutjahr is a longtime journalist and blogger. For some time now, he has also been enthusiastic about electromobility – so much that he founded his own portal about electric cars with emobly. In an interview with STRG-ALT-ENTF, he told us at what moment he decided never to drive a car with a combustion engine again, what challenges the automotive industry in Germany is facing and why other countries are much further ahead when it comes to electric drives.

“Hopefully Allianz insured” – that was the Allianz insurance slogan, with which whole generations grew up.

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